principle when jav antibiotics

According to Huynh Phuong Thao pharmacist, Dean of Pharmacy, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh City, the world each year hundreds of thousands of deaths due to drug resistance and the national average each lost 0.4 to 1.6% of GDP for the prevention of drug resistance. World Health Organization and other AV Wife international agencies have shown antibiotics is a serious threat, but also a challenge in the future treatment.

In Vietnam, most medical establishments are facing rate spread of bacteria resistant to multiple antibiotics. The main cause is the increasing use of antibiotics arbitrarily without prescription, people voluntarily buy antibiotics in pharmacies. Many pharmacists sell drugs not prescribed.

Pharmacists Thao said, antibiotics are antimicrobial substances produced by the microorganisms, have the effect of inhibiting the growth of other microorganisms. To ensure the rational use of drugs, should firmly grasp the knowledge related to antibiotics, pathogenic bacteria and patients.

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To note the disadvantages of the use of antibiotics as a history of drug use, atopic patient, always ready emergency anaphylaxis when using antibiotics. Besides tracking clinical needs, especially for patients with impaired liver and kidney function. Special note for patients children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, people who are using drugs.

Thao said pharmacist undesirable effects when using antibiotics such as diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, burns, headaches, insomnia.

Seven principles when using antibiotics

- Selection of antibiotics and a reasonable dose.

- Use of antibiotic prophylaxis, ie before infection.

- Use of antibiotic treatment empirically.
- Using antibiotics when there is evidence of microbial.

- Selection of medication.

- Duration of treatment.

- Note undesirable effects and toxicity when used antibiotics.

For patients

- not using antibiotics when not specified by the doctor.

- Adhere to the use of antibiotics as pills in full and on time.

- Examination as soon as signs of abnormalities.

- Recognizing the rational use of antibiotics will reduce antibiotic resistance.

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