When "peaked" strange too big move, you don't have to worry about.

According to reports, the new features of health experts or sex, male and female in orgasm is usually in the whole body red, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, continuous.
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The expert concluded: "after the reaction of the complexity and diversity of human".

Here are 8 strange symptoms, maybe you can also see a new report on the "climax" of the show, in health magazine (medical review):

Become sad or depressed, nervous or excited after is one of the symptoms of the disease, called postcoital dysphoria (PCD).
According to a survey of Australia, the disease has become more common, 46% female students at least once this happens in 230.
After sex, some women say that they love people, take them to another world.
According to a study in Turkey in 2011, when nearly 50 of the women who have sex with men, 100% to 76 - to know their feeling of flying.
There are 75% study participants said they felt they were out of your body, to 24% people that they have a feeling as if they are entering a world of animation.
Nearly 1/4 of people said they reached the peak, experienced the phenomenon both visual sense or virtual memory.

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Every time I see the top sign, you are not worried about him.

Report about sneezing is the climax from 1900. However, in fact, this has already happened in 1972, after a 59 year old man was sneezing and the serious climax lasted ten years.
Experts believe that the time has reached a peak of the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, causing symptoms of sneezing.
Have a fever, fatigue, cold......
After the disease syndrome is a woman orgasm reaction can affect male ejaculation.
The researchers say most people seriously in the "top" are in a state of exhaustion, have a fever or flu interim report has more information: "the symptoms quickly can be extended from four to seven days".
Scientists explain display error occurred because the body wall proteins are those strange body reaction in sperm into, cause the immune system to increase, make you sick.
Every time I see the top of a strange move, you don't have to worry about him too - 3.


Menopause phenomenon becomes worse when one of the results, this problem is as everyone knows of dementia (orgasmolepsy) - a reflection of epilepsy after the climax.
In this case, first recorded in 1960 at the age of 23, when a woman is pregnant, second episodes. After birth, the recurrence of seizures, usually in the climax.
Another patient, 20 years old, or caused by masturbation attack.
Scientists do not know enough to cause disease, but they consider the stimulus and response amidan hypocretin deficiency is the cause of this phenomenon.
A woman can be hurt after sex, although she does not feel pain during intercourse.
A record of 2009 under the condition that the three women met this phenomenon, they could not find any other causes of pain.
Men are more likely to encounter this kind of phenomenon, if they suffer from chronic prostatitis.

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