Kathy Griffin's CNN Spread For amputee sex a Picture of Donald Trump Beheaded

TELEVISION - The comedian posted images on the social networks where she brandished a beheaded head covered with blood representing the President of the United States.

Donald Trump can be the subject of innumerable jokes, but not by mentioning a decapitation: American actress and presenter Kathy Griffin understood it too late, which lost Wednesday a contract with CNN after attracted the Jav Hong Kong wrath of Donald Trump, his wife Melania and personalities of all stripes.
The actress, who has won two Emmy Awards and co-hosted CNN's New Year's Eve party for the past 10 years, posted images of her images on the social networks on Tuesday with a decapitated blood-stained head that resembles the American president. Photographs taken as part of a project with photographer Tyler Shields, which she described herself as "the art that puts it".
Very soon, the first criticisms are fired on Twitter, which emphasize how much the gesture of this actress of 56 years is "idiot" or even "the devil in person". Some tweets draw parallels with images of beheading broadcast by the Islamic State Organization (EI). Others are calling for an end to its collaboration with CNN. "Disgusting but not surprising," reacted on Tuesday night, first among Trump, the eldest son of Jav Teacher US President Donald Trump Jr. "This is the left of today. They consider that acceptable. Can you imagine if a Conservative had done that when Obama was president? "

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The convicts then roused from the entire political spectrum, from the Democratic senator and former comedian Al Franken to the former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, via the daughter of former President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, who described the staging as "abominable." "It's never funny to joke about killing a president," she said, while the Secret Service, which is responsible for protecting the president, also tweets to remind her that it takes "serious threats Against those we protect ".
Donald Trump will wait Wednesday morning to react with rage, by tweet as usual, evoking even his last son, Barron, aged 11, of which he hardly ever talks. "Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11 year old son Barron have a hard time with this. Sick! "He launches on Twitter.
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A few hours later, it is Melania Trump, the wife of the president and mother of Barron who hardly ever expresses himself, who goes up to the niche. "As a mother, as a wife, as a human being, this picture is very disturbing. When you think about some of the atrocities in the world today, an image like that does not work, we are wondering about the mental health of the person who made it, "said the First Lady on Wednesday.
The actress, fervent opponent of the Republican president, had first attempted to justify himself on Tuesday night by claiming simply to "make fun of the Mocker-in-Chief" before making his mea culpa via a video on Instagram Wednesday. "I am a comic, I cross the line, I change the line and I crossed it. I went too far, the picture is too disturbing. I understand that I offended people, it was not funny, I understand, "she confessed, asking the photographer to remove the images.


But the damage was done. An advertising campaign with Kathy Griffin for Squatty Potty, which manufactures jav meguri toiletries, was canceled. And CNN announced shortly after its dismissal of the show of the eve that it co-presented with the journalist Anderson Cooper, who had been "scared" by the photos from Tuesday evening. "CNN has terminated (her) contract with Kathy Griffin for the New Year's Eve program," the chain's press service said laconically.
The Secret Service, in charge of protecting the president, said he would look into the case. Since the atrocities committed by the IE, caricatures using images of decapitation have gone very badly. The big German magazine Der Spiegel was thus under the fire of critics at the beginning of February after having published on the cover a drawing of President Trump brandishing the decapitated head of the statue of Liberty, which wanted a denunciation of the "decapitation of the Democracy, "according to its author, Edel Rodriguez.


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