Cancellation: The fans of The american pussy Weeknd feel cheated

Fans of The Weeknd feel cheated since the artist canceled his concert at the Center Vidéotron, less than 12 hours notice. The pretext of food poisoning is strongly questioned.

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A text by Alain Rochefort

Raphaëlle D'Amours had Jav Office her ticket in her pocket since December. It was a gift from her mother for her 22nd birthday. She first believed in a false rumor to foam the sale of tickets. Like many Internet users, it does not believe at all the explanation provided by the group and its promoter, Live Nation.

"Food poisoning, it's not credible at 12 o'clock show," she denounced, visibly disappointed. I do not think they wanted to perform in a half-empty room in Quebec City, especially as they did in Montreal yesterday.

His evening plans are completely upset. "It's been since December that I know I'm going, that I have the CD and tomorrow [Thursday] is my party. It completely ruins my evening plans, "says the young woman who will not boycott the Toronto artist.
For several weeks, rumors left a possible cancellation. The sale of tickets was disappointing and several observers felt that it was unlikely that the concert would take place.

Raphaëlle D'Amours does not believe at all the pretext of food poisoning to explain the cancellation of the concert of The Weeknd.
Raphaëlle D'Amours does not believe at all the pretext of food poisoning to explain the cancellation of the concert of The Weeknd. Photo: CBC / Edith Hammond
The unleashed canvas

The cancellation of the concert Wednesday morning aroused controversy on the web. More than 22,000 Twitter messages on the subject have been written. Hundreds of reviews have also been written on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

Honestly, I drove 12 hours across Ontario and Quebec to see your performance. My heart broke when my friend received an email saying that the concert was canceled. I would believe in your food poisoning if there had not been so much speculation about a cancellation [of the concert] because there are not enough tickets that have been sold

 Eveen.xo, on the Instagram profile of The Weeknd
Many Internet users also doubted that Québec could host such large-scale shows.

Spread the word. Apart from some heavy metal bands, Céline Dion, Disney on Ice and junior hockey, there's nothing going on at the Videotron Center

 Sylvain Gagné, Jav Nurse on Facebook
"If it's really an indigestion, [The Weeknd] will postpone his show at a later date," critic Jean-Philippe Dionne.

Editor-in-chief of, Jacques Boivin does not adhere either to the thesis of food poisoning. "He did a show yesterday at the Bell Center. I know people who were there and there was nothing to indicate that there was food poisoning, "he said. It is a way of concealing the sale of tickets that was unsatisfactory in Quebec City. "

In March, Live Nation also announced the cancellation of the concert of Californian rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Videotron Center, two months before the scheduled date. The proponent then invoked a scheduling conflict.

These are tricks that can happen once in a while. We prefer to say that rather than selling tickets has not been good, not to burn producers, promoters, the broadcaster or the artist. It's never good to say that an artist has played in front of a half empty room

 Jacques Boivin, editor-in-chief of
Without saying that this is a bad signal, Jacques Boivin believes that these cancellations show that Quebec, more recognized as a city of rock, is perhaps not the ideal market for this type of show. "Large-scale shows like this may be a bit difficult if you come out of rock or country."

The Weeknd, the stage name for Toronto artist Abel Tesfaye, was scheduled to end Starboy's Legend of the Fall. He was on Tuesday night at the Bell Center in Montreal.

Ticket holders may be reimbursed.

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