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The Orchester symphonique de Montréal and its conductor, Kent Nagano, invited the public to a unique experience of immersion on the occasion Jav Censored of the world premiere of La Symphonie montréalaise, a concert presented as part of the celebrations surrounding The 375th anniversary of Montreal.

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It is because he considers the metropolis as "the city of light and creativity" that Kent Nagano had the idea to appeal to the firm Moment Factory to highlight the Symphony No. 1, Concordia, The central work of this show.
Composed of four movements, this first symphony of the Montreal composer Samy Moussa was strongly inspired by Montreal territory. To enhance it, Moment Factory combined its movements with the four elements: earth, fire, water and air.
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At the time of writing, we jav full had been able to attend the first two paintings. While Earth gave rather sobriety, Fire was more evocative. In addition to the projections made on "curtains" of strings placed above the musicians, smoke was also blown at their feet.
Needless to say, this is an element that stands out from conventional conventional concerts.

Conducted by conductor Kent Nagano, La Symphonie montréalaise, created by the young Canadian composer Samy Moussa, was presented as a world premiere on Wednesday night.


A team
Samy Moussa and Marie Belzil worked for more than a year on the creation of this tribute in Montreal. Encountered in the minutes before the unveiling of the work, the director explained that she had first wanted to highlight Moussa's music.
"We should not take up too much space, because there are 90 musicians in front of us who make emotions pass. They should not be stifled under the projections. "
The Montreal composer, who celebrates his 33rd birthday on Thursday, told us that he had created the work so that it could be autonomous.
"In this case, it is extraordinary, because it is embellished with a very strong visual element, very beautiful and not in Porn Movie incest dissonance with the work but, which is very motivating, for me Is to know that she can live with or without these images. It's awesome."
► For a 90-day period, anyone who wishes can view the concert free of charge at osm.ca.

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